Gone chillin’ in Huanchaco

After a couple of nights in Trujillo we headed to the small beach town of Huanchaco. This is a perfect spot along the northern Peruvian coast where to recharge for a few days, catch up on sleep, do the laundry, take long walks without having to worry about catching a bus … It may be quite intense during high season when the beach must be packed and restaurants swell with all the day-trippers and vacationers who come to catch some sun and tune in to the waves. You may end up more tuned in to the screaming company elbowing for their own spot under the Peruvian sun (torching through rather thing ozone layer, as it happens). At the time of our visit, though, this was just a laid back community gifted with spectacular seascapes, nearby archaeological treasures (such as the former Chimu capital of Chan Chan and the Moche remains of the moon and the sun temple, i.e. Huaca de la Luna and Huaca del Sol). Huanchaco also has the added benefit of being one of the few remaining communities that use the old ‘caballito de totorra’ as the transportation of choice for the local fishermen (see the post on Pimentel for a previous reference). These little boats are entirely made from what’s essentially tall grass growing in this part of the world that is (nowadays) tied to styrofoam with a few ribbons of fabric or a simple string. The fishermen go out very early in the morning and return hours later, braving the forceful waves on their stacks of grass, now heavier for the weight of sea creatures that were unlucky enough to cross these fishermen’s trail.

We combined the transfer from Trujillo to Huanchaco with the visit to the Chan Chan ruins with an organised group (to be able to store our bags in the van during the tour of the ruins). After the walk through the archaeological site we were dropped off right by the sea and embarked on a rather tiring mission of finding nice and affordable accommodatio in Huanchaco. There were few places on this trip where we saw more potential accommodation options, and the sun was well on its way to dive into the ocean when we settled for a pretty large hostel at the beach, but at the other end of the village from the main commercial area.

I am not sure that we could spend a very long time here, unless we really got involved in some local activities. As it were, we took a two-night break, and used this as a base for a visit to yet another breath-taking site in this area of South America, the already mentioned temples of the sun and the moon. Next post …

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