About this blog

Photos and notes on this blog are being posted by Neva, a European in mid-30s who was bit by the travel bug early in life.

It so happened that Donald, the star of my photos and everyday life, also had a burning desire to travel around South America even before we met in 2008. Five years later, we finally decided to give up our work contracts, leave behind our belongings, invest all our savings, pack our backpacks and make it happen … We traveled from the north of the continent (having started in Cartagena, Colombia, at the end of July 2013) toward the south. All along we were aiming for Patagonia and avoiding air travel. Instead, we spent hundreds of hours on all kinds of buses, occasionally swapping them for chivas, vans, taxis or boats. We managed to get to the south of Chile in time for some amazing hikes, before we turned toward the north once more and made it almost back to the equator. We concluded our adventure on the beaches of Brazil, in the midst of the World Cup craze, in early July 2014. All along, we tried to make our savings last as long as possible, while still indulging in nice local food every now and then, splurging on some destinations that we could not reach without booking a short tour, investing in Spanish classes, and avoiding the kind of cheap accommodation that would make us too seriously fear for our health or our lives or both.

All in all, it was a truly amazing experience, although I am still perturbed by many things I saw and learned along the way, and the journalist and the policy wonk in me are hoping that I will also be able to write about the darker side of this beautiful continent some day.

By all means, we will keep ‘processing’ everything we experienced for a long time to come; not the least on this blog which fell victim to our action-packed days and poor internet connections in many places we visited. I hope that I will gradually manage to revisit all our destinations on this site and share some photo impressions with our friends, family and anyone else who stops by.

Thanks for your interest and happy travels!

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